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March 23, 2008
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Creative Commons License
Some rights reserved. This work is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License.
          How can you make some be afraid of you? Someone once asked. As far as how Kai looked, he did not possess any physical greatness to pose any threat. He could be easily snapped in two, or whirled over someone’s shoulder without much effort.
          “Yes I can,” he answered quietly, “if anybody wishes.” His language deficiency only supports mockery around him, but he is already aware of what challenge they have put upon themselves.
          “Her, her!” the boys said, as they pushed a girl toward him. She looked at him fiercely, staring with heavy makeup that emphasized her eyes, as if she triple dare.
          “This better not waste my time. I have things to do” she said, but she was easily persuaded by an easy reward; a total amusement.
          “Alright, then gimme the BEST you got, boy” she said as she was led to a room that looked almost empty. Kai closed and locked the door gracefully, and silently walked to the middle of the room where the girl dragged a chair to sit in. He brought one as well, but not by dragging it. She became amused by his attempt to lift the chair up, with such scrawny body, but he did succeed, without much effort. The chair was placed in front of her and Kai sat down with both of his feet touching the floor and his hands neatly placed on his lap.
          Within few minutes, the girl started to search her purse for her make up kit. She took out her miniature mirror in front of her, and began her makeup. She was very focused on her face and the movement of the brush, and Kai did not move. After completion, she gave herself a proud smile, until about couple millimeters off of the mirror she held was Kai’s face blankly staring at her that made her frown a bit. She tried to ignore and took out another tool. Every time she felt she had completed something, she was always distracted by a white face spying on her.
          “You know, can I like have some privacy?” she said, and without hesitance he replied, “Sure” and turned his chair about 90 degrees. Even though Kai did not stare at her anymore, she kept lowering her mirror to see where his eyes were at; the window. But it did not give her any privacy. So she turned her back to Kai and continued with her task. The mirror was again held in front of her face, until she saw Kai’s face in the mirror staring at her again. She quickly turned back, but he was still facing the window. I bet he’s just fooling around, she thought.
           However besides his unpredictable movement, the complete silence gave her the chills. Kai did not sing a song, tap his finger, or move the chair. The girl tried to avoid such feeling by making loud noises by moving her chair, only to find Kai staring at her again at certain angles. Even at the corner of her eyes, his blank eyes seem to follow her everywhere, but he was still facing the window.
          “So how are you” he finally said. His voice seemed to bring everything into life and she couldn’t have been gladder to hear from him.
          “I’m…great…hehe…what…what are you staring at?” she said and turned her to look at him to avoid feeling like his disembodied head was floating behind her head. He’s still sitting there, and he’s not looking at me, she kept thinking to herself.
          “Look at the birdie. Ain’t that cute” he said but it was in complete monotone. It sounded as if he did not mean it. This time his voice only echoed in the empty room and made the girl turn around again. Ok, maybe I should watch him, she thought. So she moved her chair behind him so she could see him. Ha, now I can see what you are doing, she proudly claimed, even though in reality, she was backed up in the corner.
          Look at him, sitting like a rock, she kept trying to amuse herself, he’s probably thinking how to scare me and can’t come up with anything, haha. She felt a bit safe having a solid wall behind her, and she told herself, talking to me in monotone? That’s like, so unoriginal. She silently laughed at herself, only to find Kai sitting there like a statue so suspiciously that it seemed he would quickly turn around and attack her at any moment.
          “Hey, you should turn around, I mean, this is boring. We should talk” she desperately said in fear of his unpredictable movement. So he gracefully turned his chair around and sat looking at her once again, but without any smile or a way of saying, hello there. With a wall against her back, and her ability to see his face, she felt that she could tell if he would attack or not.
          Usually it’s the eyes, she thought, or a movement of the body, she claimed. Then within few moments, she did not think merely of what he would do anymore. Maybe if he chokes my neck, I’ll slide down the wall and kick him in the stomach, she thought, or what if he were to stab me? Oh, no way, I would see him reaching for the knife before he strikes me…besides, since he’s in middle of the room, he got plenty of space around him, ye, and probably can’t reach for any object to throw at me without me noticing it. The silent minutes passed, and Kai still did not move.
          “I know what you are doing!” she screamed, when she could not take it anymore.
          “You better watch out kid, because I can totally hurt you back, got that?” but Kai only stared at her as if he was saying, “ye sure.” The offensive words did not seem to pierce Kai at all, as if because he had a better plan.
          “You can’t hurt me with a body like that!” she said as she attempted to laugh, only to find Kai responding, “ye sure.” He agreed to her words, yet it sounded like he was mocking her desperate attempt to win over.
          “No, I mean it”
          “Ye I know.” The girl quickly sat down on her chair, tapping her fingers like she was typing a message for help. She then shook her head violently with disagreement.
          “No I agree. My fingers are too thin.” His consoling words only became a threat to her, and his eyes that never seemed to blink kept staring at her, now in front of her and back. He was in the middle of the room; too much in the middle, like the core of the room. The room was no longer a room anymore, but rather Kai’s face and arms all over waiting to grab her when she breaks and runs. Finally the girl jumped from her chair and banged the door violently yelling for help.
          “HELP!!! HELP!!! HE’S GOING TO MURDER ME!!!” she banged with all her might with endless tears strolling down her cheeks, only to find Kai still staring at her from the back. The door finally opened and she ran all the way down the hallway, hysterically crying and disappearing in the corner. Few boys who were standing near the doorway awaiting their amusement stared inside the room blankly. Kai was still sitting in the middle of the room, in his graceful position and gave a slight smile when the boys peeked in.
          “What the hell did you do?” one of them asked.
          “I made someone be afraid of me” he said and exited the room without further comment.
A short story I had in mind for a while. I hope you
enjoy reading it, now I need to go do my homework

Kai (c) Emptyshadow
Writing (c) Emptyshadow
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